West Virginia Online Casinos

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Despite legalizing online gaming in 2019, Virginia has yet to see any casino sites launch. Fortunately, online casino sites are expected to launch as soon as providers finalize their licenses and perfect their digital platforms.

While we wait for sites to go online, check out our comprehensive guide to online casino gaming in West Virginia.

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Guide to Online Casinos in West Virginia

Now that online gaming is coming to the Mountain State, it's important players understand the legal and regulated online gaming market as well what to consider when choosing a site.

This guide breaks all that down as well as provide a detailed overview of what games and payment providers are expected to be offered at West Virginia’s online casinos and when more are coming.

With numerous online gaming sites and apps launching soon, finding the perfect platform for casino gambling online in West Virginia might take a little help and our expert team is happy to give it to you.

Is Gambling Legal in West Virginia

Online casino gaming is now fully legal in West Virginia after the state legislature passed a bill permitting online casinos and online poker. The state’s governor, the owner of a physical casino, declined to sign the bill but chose not to veto the legislation.

By default, the bill became law in late March of 2019. This means that online gaming in the state of West Virginia will be available soon. Once the WV casinos have obtained the appropriate licenses, developed their online gaming platforms for anyone in the state to play.

West Virginia Gambling License

Any casino interested in releasing an online casino site or app in West Virginia must obtain an online gaming license from the West Virginia Gaming and Racing Association. To obtain a license, each casino must submit an application to be reviewed by the agency for approval.

There are 5 physical casinos located in the state that will most likely apply for licenses. The online gaming license in West Virginia will cost $250,000. The initial license will last up to 5 years and can be renewed at the cost of $100,000.

The price might appear to be high, but the profit potential for any online casino in the state is expected to be much higher. Online gaming is sure to provide mountaineers with a great new source of tax revenue.

How Online Gambling is Regulated in West Virginia

The regulation of online gaming in the state of West Virginia is the responsibility of the West Virginia Gaming and Racing Association. This agency’s mission is to protect the integrity and legitimacy of the gambling industry in the state.

What to Consider When Choosing a WV Casino Site

Interested in enjoying online casino games once the sites and apps go live? Well, choosing between the options expected to be available will be the first step.

But with potentially limited options available, what will set them apart? Expect the top casino sites to offer a wide range of payment methods as well as an easy sign-up process.

Make sure the site you sign up with offers the highest quality version of the games you enjoy, which means evaluating not only the game selection but the game providers as well.

Useful features and easy to use platforms should be heavily weighed when choosing. Although most, if not all, the sites will feature similar products, reading expert reviews like our's will help sort out all the fine differences.

Which Games are Available at WV Online Casinos?

Although online gaming has been legalized in West Virginia, we’re still waiting on sites to go live. Fortunately, we know what games will most likely be offered based on what’s available at many of the regulated online casinos in other states.


The best casino sites in West Virginia will definitely have slot games available. Online gaming sites usually offer hundreds of slots, so expect to see enough slot titles to make your head spin. The slots will no doubt include games based on popular movies, TV shows, stories, video games and more.


Since blackjack is one of the most popular casino games, the best sites in West Virginia are sure to feature online blackjack. We expect West Virginia casino site to feature multiple video blackjack titles as well as live casino blackjack too.


This game is usually available at online gaming sites in multiple video versions and many sites also offer live casino roulette games. The top online casinos in West Virginia will definitely offer roulette. Sign-up for an online casino, select roulette and spin the wheel to see if any of your bets land.


Any online casino that launches in West Virginia should have a baccarat game available to play for real money. This video card game is hugely popular at online casinos in other states and is often also available to play as a live casino game.

Video Poker

With these video card games, you get to play three-card poker for real money just like at the casino. Unlike the games that you can play at many online poker sites, you won’t be playing against anyone but the WV casino

Payment Providers in West Virginia

It's vital that online casinos offer plenty of variety when it comes to payment methods but more important than variety is reliability.

Expect online casinos to partner with brands known for their connection to the gaming world including PayPal and Neteller.

It won't be surprising to see traditional debit and credit cards also offered as options but most are expecting depositing issues similar to what's happening in New Jersey.

Are More Casinos Coming Online in West Virginia?

There are 5 existing casinos in West Virginia that will each have to obtain an online gaming license from the West Virginia Gaming and Racing Association before launching any online casino sites or apps.

  • Hollywood Casino
  • Mardi Gras Casino and Racetrack
  • Mountaineer Casino and Racetrack
  • The Casino Club
  • Wheeling Island Hotel

It’s expected that these physical casinos are going to obtain a WV online casino license and launch their own online gambling platforms. There’s also speculation into whether these casinos will partner up with well-known gaming brands to release sites in the Mountain State under their licenses.

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