What You Should Look for When Finding a New Online Casino

What You Should Look for When Finding a New Online Casino
By Carl Zee

Looking through the mass of online casinos can be intimidating for new players. It can even be daunting for experienced online casino players. Leaving one’s comfort zone is never an easy thing, but sometimes one needs to branch out in sear of better paying games.

Most online casinos have their own unique selling points, and leave it up to players to figure out what the differences are. That can be tricky sometimes if you’re not sure what questions to ask yourself. Luckily, TopUSCasinos is here to help.

This guide is for beginners or experienced online casino players who haven’t gone casino-hunting in some time. There are a few questions you should always ask and go looking for answers when looking for your new online casino.

Game Types

Considering the game type available at the various online casinos should be a key factor in choosing an online casino that you want to try. Because of the variety of games offered by casinos nowadays, it might seem like players have plenty of options to choose from at all times.

That’s not always the case. Some casinos are going to be more focused on certain kinds of slots, or table games, or developers. Unfortunately, it will require some digging to figure out what kind of games the casino tends to offer players, as well as a little bit of knowledge of what a game is like.

Developer Choices

Tying in with game types, certain developers can only be found on certain casinos, and those certain developers might be exceptionally good at producing certain kinds of games.

For example, NetEnt is well known for their unique games, with each game produced having a slightly different touch with every game. Their Jumanji game famously included a board game minigame if players were able to hit all the right symbols on a reel, or their themed Guns N Roses slot game. They’re also the developers of the iconic Starburst game.

Some developers are going to do things that players like more than others. Players might be an NYX fan, or Evolution gaming fan, or Microgaming fan. Not every casino is going to have every game developer, which means that some players are going to have to chase their favorite developers around the internet until they find a casino that is partnered with them.

Exclusive Games

At some point, you’re probably going to want to try the exclusive games that an online casino has to offer. These games are only available at that specific casino, and you won’t find them anywhere else online.

Often times, these exclusive games are progressive slots with massive jackpot opportunities. However, some of these games might not be to the taste of all players. While they’re usually made with a broad range of gamblers in mind, not everyone will enjoy them.

The jackpots are going to chance constantly because people are constantly playing, so never mind how big the jackpot is. Instead, see if it’s a game you’d enjoy, with functions you’d want in a game.

Return to Player

This is a highly important stat that you should definitely try your best to find. A lot of online casinos publish their return to player (RTP) numbers, but not all of them do.

So what is the RTP? The RTP is the percentage of money that gets returned to players over a set period of time. So If you lose $5 but another player wins $5 over the course of 10 minutes, then the RTP of a game is 100% over those 10 minutes. The closer to 100 the RTP is, the more you’re likely to win playing that game.

If a casino doesn’t publish their RTP numbers, that’s not necessarily a deal breaker. You’ll just have to be aware that you’ll be flying blind through a casino when other casinos might offer a much better insight into how much you’d stand to win playing on their various games.

Table Games Selection

Let’s face it, slots aren’t for everyone. Some people don’t like leaving their chances of winning entirely up to fate, and that’s where table games come into play.

Being able to bet on specific things, knowing exactly what you’re betting on gives some people a much more comfortable feeling of control. Plus, some players are going to be highly knowledgeable about what bets are the most likely to make them the most money.

Some online casinos are going to be better than others where it comes to table games. There’s usually at least a barebones selection of table games, but some will offer up a lot of variations on the basic games. There might be multiple versions of roulette, blackjack, or video poker.

Another thing to consider on the same vein is that some online casinos are going to have separate poker arms. So if you’re looking for poker, check to see if an online casino has a separate arm for playing poker. That’s where you’re more going to have more success, because playing the video poker options at the online casino itself just might not do it for you.



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