South Carolina Gaming, Including Sports Bets, Topic of Study

South Carolina Gaming, Including Sports Bets, Topic of Study
By Jake Perper

South Carolina is in the midst of discovering various forms of gambling at casinos, horse racing facilities and sports betting facilities would make sense in the state

To pinpoint an exact area, Myrtle Beach is a possible landing spot to be one of the very first land venues for gambling. That is according to The Palmetto Forum for Gaming Studies.

The company is a group of researchers who weigh the benefits versus the problems surrounding a possible expansion in the state of South Carolina for gambling options.

As of now, Little River is the lone town where you can gamble legally in the state, unless you purchase you an education lottery ticket.

The Big “M” Casino is the lone casino boat that has legalized gambling but that is over three miles off the shore of South Carolina.

With North Carolina making great strides and progress toward legalizing sports betting, South Carolina is joining in the on the discussion with the launch of simple gambling options at possible casino landing spots.

Would Money Be There in South Carolina?

“It would be an economic stimulant,” Dr. Jim Rex, co-chair of the Palmetto Forum for Gaming Studies, told WBTW News 13. “Whether or not there’s a strong enough sentiment across all the demographics down here that say, 'Yes, this is a good thing,' has yet to be seen.”

One thing the Palmetto Forum for Gaming Studies said is that it would not advocate for or against these expanded gambling options. Rather, the study's purpose is simply to weigh the pros and cons of the possible additions.

According to WBTW News 13, The Palmetto Forum for Gaming Studies sat down on Monday with nearly 35 government and business officials at the CB Berry Community Center -- just a couple of miles from the lone casino in the state.

“I think Myrtle Beach is talked about more than any other community when you talk about casino gaming, horse racing or something like that,” Palmetto Forum director Scott Malyerck told WBTW News 13.

The meeting had an added discussion about the revenue that could be made from gambling additions over the long haul. The support for legalizing gambling as a whole was a hot topic on Monday.

This study from The Palmetto Forum for Gaming Studies will take roughly a year before leaders decide whether to pitch gambling legislation in Columbia.

Any gaming legalization likely would require an amendment in the state constitution and that could go to a referendum before the voters.

As Palmetto State sports betting proponents wait for the study to be completed, they could use a report from the American Gaming Association and Oxford Economics to bolster their case regarding the possible economic benefits of legal gaming.

In the South Carolina legislature, two bills were introduced related to legalized sports betting, one in the House and one in the Senate. Neither bill made it out of committee.

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